Best Casinos in Scotland to have your Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday bash with some extra excitement, have you thought of having it in a casino?

When you have a birthday party at a casino, you get everything that you should expect from a normal birthday event but with extra thrills and often at a reasonable cost.

A birthday party is one of the best reasons to seek out those extra thrills.  Bring together friends and family to give everyone an exciting day to remember in honour of your special day.


Why Choose a Casino for Your Birthday Party

The top casinos offer a range of packages for groups of people.  You have to book these in advance.  What are the advantages of hosting your birthday party in a casino?

Firstly, often these packages start off with an ice-breaker which gets everyone in the mood for a fun night.  The ice-breaker, typically comes in the form of a Learn to Play Packages, where everyone gets a 1-2 hour lesson at a private table.  This provides an ice-breaker, where people, who don’t already know each other can get to know each other. 

Even for people, who do know each other, the Learn to Play Packages deliver the anticipation of the excitement of having a bet.

Secondly, many casinos will organise the catering.  So, you don’t have any work to get the catering organised.

Thirdly, food and drink at casinos is often inexpensive.  They expect to make money from gamblers.  Therefore, they keep the price of food down.  This is because they don’t want gamblers leaving the casino for food in case they get distracted by some activity outside the casino and don’t return.

Fourthly, casinos are usually open until the early hours of the morning.  Therefore, if you plan to continue partying until 5 or 6 am, you won’t have to search for another venue.

There are 3 cities in Scotland, where you’ll find casinos that are suitable for hosting your birthday party.  These are Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.



Soul Casino

Address:  333 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6BS  (Map)

Conveniently located in the centre of Aberdeen, Soul Casino offers a range of packages that are suitable for birthday parties.

Learn to Play Packages are for groups of 10 – 150 people.  This usually includes a 1-2 hour lesson on roulette and blackjack.  The tables are for up to 9 players and you can book more than one table if you have a large number of guests.

There are different packages – Bronze, Silver, Gold, High Rolling and Beginner’s Luck.  The various packages are different in terms of the inclusion of drinks, betting vouchers and food.

If you have a party that consists 40+ people, Soul Casino offers the Back Bar area just for your group without any hire charge.


Rainbow Casino

Address:  59 Summer Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1SJ (Map)

Situated in the centre of Aberdeen and just 1 mile from the train station, the Rainbow Casino is an ideal place to have a birthday party.

The Rainbow Casino offers numerous Party Packages including the Roulette Experience, the Poker Experience, the Rainbow Experience, Group Party Packages and Bar and After Work Packages.

The Rainbow Experience is ideal for birthday parties.  This package includes a drink on arrival, a lesson on roulette, blackjack or three card poker, a 3 course meal, an after dinner drink and a £10 casino gaming voucher.



Genting Casino, Leith

Address:  2 Ocean Drive, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6JB (Map)

Situated in one the most trendy areas in Edinburgh, the Leith Genting Casino offers a range of Genting Night Packages.  These include a lesson in roulette, blackjack or slots.  These lessons are taught by a professional croupier.  You’ll also get a welcome drink and a free play voucher.  

There is a “Big Deal” package where you’ll be able to get a snack included from their Jackpot Menu.  However, you this casino doesn’t cater for 3 course meals.

Leith is however, in one of the best areas to eat out in Edinburgh with everything from snack bars to Michelin Star restaurants close by.


Genting Casino, Fountainpark

Address:  124 Dundee Street, Edinburgh, EH11 1AF (Map)

Located, the Fountainpark Genting Casino is the largest casino in Edinburgh.  The casino boasts the 5 star rated (by Tripadvisor) Fahrenheit Restaurant.

There are 2 main packages which are both called “Genting Nights”.  There is a roulette package and a blackjack package. 

For a reasonable price, your part will get a private roulette or blackjack lesson (taught by a professional croupier), a free play chip, a bar drink and a 3 course meal.

This is the kind of deal that would suit groups of friends, who are celebrating, where some members of the party have never played in a casino.

There are a range of possible add-ons to your party.  For example, you can hire a private booth for up to 6 people.  In addition, they offer a cocktail masterclass where you get a 1 hour course on how to mix cocktails.  Then, you can mix 2 cocktails and drink them in your own private booth.


Grosvenor Casino,

Address: 1 – 5 South Maybury, Edinburgh, EH12 8NE (Map)

Situated close to Edinburgh Airport, the Grosvenor Casino offer a custom-planned birthday party.  If you are planning a birthday party, you should contact the casino.  They have a dedicated events manager who will collaborate with you to create your perfect birthday party.



Casino at the Corinthian,

Address:  191 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DA (Map)

The Casino at the Corinthian is inside the Corinthian Club which is situated in the cultural heart of Glasgow, Merchant City.  

If you fancy a karaoke birthday party, you’ll love the Casino at the Corinthian.  You can book a private room for up to 20 guests.  You will be welcomed with a drink and buffet. 

You get state-of-the-art multimedia technology together with a built in flat screen TV with integrated entertainment system.


The Alea Casino

Address:  Springfield Quay, Paisley Rd, Glasgow G5 8NP (Map)

Located right next to the River Clyde, the Alea is the largest of the 5 casinos in Glasgow comprising 2 floors of casino games, 2 bars and the much-acclaimed Waterfront Restaurant. 

If you are looking for a really big party, the Alea Glasgow has a massive Event Suite which has room for up to 200 people. 

They offer a DJ, a dance floor and a range of catering packages. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit smaller, you could book the luxurious VIP Lounge which seats up to 10 people.  VIPs get a mini-bar, fridge and a choice of karaoke or an X-box.

The Alea Casino is open 24/7 so you can party as you like.


Genting Casino

Address:  506/516 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3LW (Map)

Situated close to Glasgow City Centre, Genting Casino offers a range of Genting Night packages for people out for a birthday celebration.

For a reasonable price, Genting offer parties a “Big Deal Package“.  This includes roulette or blackjack lessons (taught by a professional croupier), a welcome drink and a free play voucher.

They also have a “Jackpot Package” with all the above benefits plus a meal from their Jackpot Menu.  The Jackpot Menu has fairly basic meals.

The top package is the “All-in” Package“, where you receive the lessons, the welcome drink, the free play voucher and a 3 course meal.


The Grosvenor Casino, Merchant City

Merchant City, Address: 16 – 18 Glassford Street, Glasgow, G1 1UL (Map)

Situated in the cultural heart of Glasgow, the Grosvenor Casino in Merchant City is one of 2 Glasgow Casinos that is open 24 hours/day.

Grosvenor Casino offer Celebration Packages for groups of people visiting the casino for a special occasion such as a birthday.  They have a standard package and a Bespoke package.


The Grosvenor Casino, Broomielaw,

Riverboat, Address:  61 Broomielaw, Glasgow, G1 4RJ (Map)

The Grosvenor Riverboat Casino is situated in Broomielaw, which runs adjacent to the River Clyde.

Grosvenor Casino offer Celebration Packages for groups of people visiting the casino for a special occasion such as a birthday. 



If you are in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow, you have a great choice of casinos to spend your birthday party.

For full reviews of the casinos (including telephone numbers and links to the casino website), click on the links  in the article.

Have fun and play responsibly.

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