Backgammon Clubs in Scotland

Scotland has a long history of backgammon, with references to the game dating as far back as the early 1400s (History of Backgammon, Jacoby and Crawford, 1970). 

Backgammon was played across all social classes, including the general public and royalty. 

Back then, in Scotland, the game of backgammon was referred to as “tables”.   This is because backgammon boards were frequently embedded inside a table.  The top of the table could be opened, which would reveal a backgammon board inside.

Despite Scotland having such a rich backgammon history, there is currently only one active backgammon club in Scotland, namely Edinburgh Backgammon.

If I am wrong about that and you have an active backgammon club in Scotland, please send me an email and let me know.


Edinburgh Backgammon

Casablanca Cafe, Edinburgh EH6 8SE
When: See website
Organiser: Gareth Timms

Edinburgh Backgammon is currently the most active backgammon club in Scotland. The Edinburgh club has members of every skill level, from beginners to advanced backgammon players.

The organisers of Edinburgh Backgammon are very welcoming of beginners, including players who have never played before and want to learn how to play the game.

The majority of sessions at Edinburgh Backgammon involve social one-against-one backgammon games.  Usually, the games are match play.  Occasionally, Edinburgh Backgammon hosts tournaments and backgammon workshops.

The organiser, Gareth Timms, puts emphasis on the club providing an enjoyable and social experience.





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