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Network: GC Corp
Support Options: email
Software: GameColony



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Deposit Options: Credit Card, PayPal


Skill Games

Skill Games

GameColony was established in 1999.  GameColony specialises in skill games. While backgammon is their most popular game, GameColony hosts many other games of skill.

Rating System and Ladder

At GameColony, you will find a backgammon rating system and a ranking Ladder system. When you take part in the Ladder, you get a novel and exciting way to win money.


On the 1st of each month, the Top 10 Ladder players are rewarded with prizes in $Tickets. $Tickets are effectively money at GameColony, with 1 $Ticket = $1 USD.

You can use $Tickets to play and win cash prizes.

You can also play for free at GameColony. If you are a beginner and you haven’t played competitive backgammon before, it might be best to just play for fun. When you get used to the competition, you can start with low stake tournaments or mini-tourneys that GameColony hosts.


GameColony is a great site for skill games in general.  Backgammon is the biggest game at GameColony.

GameColony is recommended for players of every level.  If you are new to competitive backgammon, GameColony is recommended.

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4 Responses to “GameColony”

  1. GameColony now has quality multiplayer mobile games for iOS and android. Also, they have great non-Java browser games for all devices

  2. I am playing backgammon at gamecolony and it’s great! Always someone in the world available to play. Play is smooth and quick.

  3. Excellent website, always improving! Games can be very relaxing or extremely challenging if you play tournaments

  4. It’s fun to play with people across the globe. I like tournaments at gamecolony and new fast social log in is excellent

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