How To Fund Monte Carlo

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Imagine if you could fund your online backgammon without risking any of your own money.

Or perhaps, you have always dreamed of playing at a live tournament with all the famous backgammon faces.  Ever fancied going to Monte Carlo, the Nordic Open?  Or perhaps, Las Vegas is more to your taste.

Your dreams can become a reality!


Get £1000+ of free money if you reside in the UK or Ireland.

Even if you need a £1000 to pay off some bills, you should check this out! 

You don’t need much startup capital

How much money will you need?  You can start this system with just £25.

You don’t even need to know the rules of the game that you are betting on!

Because this is a mathematical system, all that matters is the odds and the amounts that you bet.  You are covered whatever the outcome of the event.


The Problem with Online Backgammon Bonuses

The days have long gone when you could sign up to an online backgammon site and get a decent First Deposit Bonus.  There are really only 2 online backgammon sites, where you can play for reasonable amounts of money.  Because there is so little competition for your custom, they don’t have to offer bonuses these days.


Virtually Risk-Free Betting (Matched Betting)

Watch the video by Sam Stoffel, who runs Profit Accumulator, below for an explanation of how you can get this money!


Find out more about Profit Accumulator


Jason shearer excerpt from guardain newspaper


Matched Betting

Matched Betting is betting method that can be used to pocket a large amount of the bookmakers’ welcome bonuses. The system is mathematically correct and there is almost no risk. The primary risk is that you make an error. This shouldn’t happen if you just follow the instructions. The system absolutely works for people who reside in the UK and Ireland. If you are thinking of signing up to a bookmaker always look at the terms and conditions. You must make sure that players from your country are qualified for the welcome bonus.

There are in excess of 100 bookmakers in the UK and Ireland. Residents from these countries can place bets and accumulate welcome bonuses.

The aim is to sign up to a bookmaker via the Sportsbook page. When you sign up and deposit some money, the bookmaker offers you a welcome bonus. The matched betting strategy almost guarantees that you will be able to cash out most of this welcome bonus.


Your PROFITS from Matched Betting are TAX FREE.

Consider that there are more than 100 bookmakers. You collect your bonus from every single one of them. Can you now understand how these bonuses will add up to over £1,000?


Why the bookmakers leave the matched betting loophole

Because there are so many bookmakers, there is a lot of competition between bookmakers for the mug punters. Therefore, majority of them offer generous bonuses.


Is Matched Betting within the Law?

Yes, it is 100% within the law. In any case, matched betting is difficult for the bookmakers to identify. I’ve never heard of anybody who has had their account shut for matched betting.


Why use an Expert?

I have used this system myself and I can personally assure you that it works! 

Even after I had done the rounds and exploited all of the bonuses that I could find, I still get bonus offers in my inbox from bookmakers.  These are offers from bookmakers, who have already given me a bonus on my first deposit.  If there is no activity on your account, they frequently offer you another bonus in order to get your custom back.

However, I used this method by finding my own matched bets.

If I had signed up with an expert, I could have made more money by getting better odds and I could saved time finding my bets.

The Experts offer to help you exploit matched betting. They tell you exactly what your bets are on a daily basis. The procedure is explained in a simple step-by-step process. All you have to do is put the bets on and collect your cash.

The pros of using a service are that you are provided with matched bets. You don’t have to do any thinking. You don’t have to spend time looking for closely matched bets and using matched betting calculators to work out your stake. You just put the bets on and collect your money.

It’s not that difficult to work out the matched bets yourself. However, it is time-consuming.

If you do it yourself, there is also a danger of making a mistake. Looking through the terms and conditions for a bet is time-consuming (and boring). You have to check for details, such as:

  • What is the bonus amount?
  • Is the bonus stake included in the winnings or do you just obtain the winnings resulting from the free bet?
  • Is the bonus offered in your country that you live in?
  • Is there a date of expiry date for your welcome bonus?
  • What odds, are you permitted to bet at, for the free bet to be released?
  • What odds, are you allowed to bet at, for the free bet to be valid?
  • What requirements do you have to meet to withdraw your winnings associated with your welcome bonus?

You have to check all of these details in the bookmakers’ terms and conditions. After you have checked the terms and conditions, you still have to find your bet.

With so many details to check, it is easy to make a mistake.

The expert does this work on a daily basis day in and day out. Therefore, there should be zero mistakes.

In addition, they use expensive software to find matched bets. As a result, you will get better value matched bets from them.

Are you starting to realise how much time you will save and how much accuracy you will gain by getting an expert to do all this work?


Profit Accumulator: An Expert Matched Betting Service

Sam Stoffel has been running Profit Accumulator for years now. He runs a reputable matched betting service. You can try it for free.

Profit Accumulator offers a Free Trial, where they estimate that you will win £45

If you take the free trial, the first month is free. Then, the Platinum Service costs £17.99 per month. This is just under 60 pence a day.

This is amazing value, considering how much time that you will save. In addition, that you will get better value bets from a matched betting service. Therefore, they should usually be able to win you more money than you could do on your own.

Profit Accumulator offers up to £2000/month.

Profits Accumulator offers more money in winnings. Profit Accumulator has an expected win amount of £1500 in your first month of Platinum Membership. After your first paid month, you have an expected win amount of up to £2000/month.

Just click on the links to visit Profit Accumulator.

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