Backgammon Bootcamp by Walter Trice

Backgammon Bootcamp

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Backgammon Bootcamp was first written by Walter Trice as an article series on GammonVillage.  He later put these articles together to form the book, Backgammon Bootcamp.  

You can read and print out most (if not all) of Backgammon Bootcamp in article format at GammonVillage Magazine.  

The advantage of subscribing is that you can also read the other strategy articles that have been written at GammonVillage, which adds up to over 17 years worth of articles.

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If I was going to pick one book that is a must read, it is Backgammon Bootcamp.  My only criticism of Backgammon Bootcamp is the title of the book.  The title gives a completely false impression that the book just contains basic information.

Backgammon Bootcamp is an unusual book because almost everyone can get something out of it.  Although beginners will get a lot out of this book. I would say this book would help intermediate players the most.  

Trice presented some of his own useful formulae in Bootcamp.  This is where advanced players will get something out of the book.

The book has a lot of really valuable information in it.  This information will never be dated.  I can imagine that up and coming backgammon players, will read this book in the future, as long as it stays in print.  

The reason I think Backgammon Bootcamp would help intermediate player the most, is because this book teaches you how to think.

Knowing how to analyse a position, is the difference between the intermediate player and the advanced player.  Learning backgammon is about asking the right questions and doing the work to find the answers to those question.  If you understand how the author has reached his conclusions, you can do the same to advance your own game.

It’s a case of getting a fish for the day and learning how to fish!


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